International Certification Mikrotik MTCNA + MTCRE : Training and Exam

International Certification Mikrotik MTCNA + MTCRE : Training and Exam

As we know, Bali main industry is tourism industry and Information Technology (IT) is an integral part of it. To help the people that work within it we tempatkita Coworking Space Sanur - Bali, colaborate with ID-Networkers held a training event called Mikrotik MTCNA Training + Exam.

This training is for them, who wants to deepen their knowledge and get international certification of mikrotik MTCNA and MTCRE. During the training and exam you will get theory and lab simulation.

Why Take This Course With Us ?

  1. We eliminate the routerboard cost so it will be cheaper and still the routerboard is provided by us during the class.
  2. The cheapest international Mikrotik certification you can get
  3. You can reroll this course anytime, free of charge
  4. 1x free exam in case you failed
  5. We give you standardized module

Important Information

Date : 5th January - 9th January 2017

Trainer Company : ID-Networkers


Venue : tempatkita coworking space.

Partner Website :

Payment Method : Cash or Bank Transfer

MTCNA only Price : IDR. 2,000,000

MTCRE only Price : IDR. 2,500,000

MTCNA + MTCRE Price : IDR. 4,250,000


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MTCNA Curriculum

Module 1 MikroTik RouterOS Introduction

   First time accessing the router + lab
   Setup internet connection via router + LAB
   TCP/IP basic
   Upgrade RouterOS logins + LAB
   Manage routerOS services
   Backup and export/import configuration + LAB
   RouterOS license
   NTP client configuration
   Netinstall + LAB

Module 2 MikroTik RouterOS Firewall

   Firewall principles
   Firewall filter in action
   RouterOS connection tracking
   Basic address list + LAB Source NAT
   Destination NAT
   NAT limitations

Module 3 MikroTik RouterOS QoS

   Simple Queue + LAB
   Traffic Prioritization + LAB
   Simple mangle and tree queue + LAB
   Bandwidth test + LAB
   Interface traffic monitor

Module 4 MikroTik RouterOS Network Management

   ARP Modes
   RouterOS ARP table
   DHCP server and client + LAB
   Hotspot + LAB
   Proxy + LAB
   RouterOS tools

Module 5 MikroTik RouterOS Wireless

   Setup simpe wireless link + LAB
   MAC address filtering + LAB
   MikroTik wireless protocols + LAB

Module 6 MikroTik RouterOS Bridging

   Bridging concepts + Lab
   Bridge wireless networks + LAB
   Bridge wireless and remote networks + LAB
   EoIP tunnel
   VPLS tunnel

Module 7 MikroTik RouterOS Routing

   Routing overview
   Static routing

Module 8 MikroTik RouterOS Tunnels

   Secure local network
   Point to point addresses
   Create PPPoE client on RouterOS/Windows/MacOS + LAB
   PPPoE service nama
   Create PPPoE server + LAB
   PPP Settings
   IP pool
   Secure remote networks communication + LAB

MTCRE Curriculum

Module 1 Static routing

   More specific routes
   How to force gateway over specific interface
   Gateway reachability check and route distance + LAB
   Routing mark and route policy + LAB
   Recursive next hop and scope/target-scope usage + LAB
   Point to point addressing
   Ptp address configuration + LAB

Module 2 VPN

   What is VPN
   Different types of VPN
   Site to site connectivity with tunnels (IPIP, EoIP, PPTP,SSTP, L2TP) + LAB
   Vlan and it’s usage
   QinQ implementation + LAB
   Vlan and managed switch
   Vlan and switch chip configuration on Rbs + LAB

Module 3 OSPF

   What is OSPF?
   How OSPF protocol works (hello protocol, database distribution and LSA types explained)
   OSPF network structure (areas, router types)
   OSPF neighbors and neighbor states (DR and BDR election) + LAB
   External Route Distribution methods (type1, type2) + LAB
   Interface cost and interface types (broadcast, NBMA, etc.) + LAB
   STP tree calculation algorithm
   OSPF and multicast (problems with NBMA)
   Stub, NSSA and are ranges (route aggregation) + LAB
   Virtual links, usage and limitations + LAB
   OSPF routing filters and limitations + LAB
   Quick introduction of MME as an alternative to OSPF over wireless network




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